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Tasking Guide


This chapter explains the major principles behind the tasking concepts in MOOSE. Tasking is achieved through the utilization of various classes that fall in the category Tasking.

MOOSE allows humans to achieve mission goals, through the execution of tasks.

In order to setup the Tasking, you’ll have to define:


1. Command Center

Tasking Command Center

A command center governs multiple missions, and takes care of the reporting and communications.


2. Mission

Tasking Command Center

A mission models a goal to be achieved through the execution and completion of tasks by human players.


3. A2A Task Dispatching

Tasking A2A Dispatching

Dynamically allocates A2A tasks to human players, based on detected airborne targets through an EWR network.


3. A2G Task Dispatching

Tasking A2G Dispatching

Dynamically allocates A2G tasks to human players, based on detected ground targets through reconnaissance.