The documentation repository of the MOOSE framework. Note that the contents of this repo get generated from the MOOSE lua code, which is contained within the MOOSE main repository.

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MOOSE framework support channels

MOOSE is broadcasted, documented and supported through various social media channels.

1. MOOSE on YouTube

MOOSE has a broadcast channel on youtube. These videos are grouped into playlists, which explain specific MOOSE capabilities, and gradually build up the “understanding” and “what is possible” to do with the MOOSE framework. I really, really encourage all to watch the explanation videos.

Some mandatory videos to watch are:

2. MOOSE on Eagle Dynamics forums

This is a default thread at the Eagle Dynamics forums where the MOOSE framework can be discussed and supported. The thread is called MOOSE - Mission Object Oriented Scripting Framework.

3. MOOSE development on GitHub.

I encourage that you create also a user at GitHub. On the GitHub site, you can register issues, feedback and comments in the issues section of the site. This allows to track this feedback and issues, in order to provide a structured support and create a milestone plan. In other words, treat this development as a project.

4. MOOSE community on Discord

Join our MOOSE community on Discord. A place where mission designers and developers come together to discuss the latest features. We are now with about 5 people supporting Mission Designers on Discord.

There are currently more than 300 members on our discord MOOSE channel.